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My Ultherapy Story

Before embarking on my Ultherapy journey, I did research about what options there were on the market for the particular issue I wanted to address. I felt my eyes had become a bit droopy, almost a bit fleshy looking, and I wanted a lift. I did not want to opt for any surgery or invasive procedures, so I was delighted when I discovered what Ultherapy could achieve for me. I was impressed with the results I saw for the brow area, and Ultherapy seemed like the perfect, safe, non-invasive solution. The fact that the results would be gradual, natural, and with no downtime really appealed to me too. The treatment essentially triggers a natural process within the body to stimulate collagen production.

I am based in Dublin, so after assessing the options of where I could get the treatment I decided I would attend Dr. Garrett Brady of Lowell Medical. Because he is a facial surgeon I felt like I would be in safe hands, and I was right. The consultation process was informal and relaxed and Garrett explained in detail the procedure, a little of the science behind it and he addressed the fears and concerns I had. I decided quickly that I would go ahead with the brow lift.

All I needed to do in preparation for the treatment was take two ibuprofen an hour before the treatment, which I did. Garrett took some pictures of my eye and brow area so I, and he, could assess the improvement and lift effectively. I realised this would be necessary for me because I was informed the improvements are so gradual and occur over a three month period. Then I was ready to go.

Garrett marked out a few lines on my forehead and brow and then started the procedure. Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment so there is a little gel that was applied to my skin, then the handheld device was held to my forehead and the treatment started. The best way of describing the feeling of Ultherapy is that it creates a sensation, almost a tingling which is suggestive of an energy. I wouldn’t describe it as sore, I found it completely tolerable. I naturally was apprehensive before the treatment started so I was given a couple of stress balls to distract myself, but I didn’t need to use them, which I am glad about. The left side was a little bit more sensitive, but in saying that not by much, and apparently this is quite common.

In total, the procedure probably took 30 to 40 minutes and my face looked completely normal. I was able to put on my full make-up and go about my day as normal. The next day when I was putting on my moisturiser I did notice a little tenderness across the area that had been treated and this lasted about five days.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results because despite it taking about three months to see the full improvements and gain the full results, I did see a difference after only one week! I am looking forward to seeing a continual improvement and if I am getting used to the results Garrett will have the photographs he took before the procedure to remind me.

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