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What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical method which is used to tighten, tone and lift loose skin under the chin, on neck and eyebrows. In addition to it, it can also reduce wrinkles as well as lines on the décolletage.

The most important thing about this treatment is that it is the only non invasive method which has been approved by FDA for such aesthetic procedures. Here ultrasound energy is used for stimulating collagen growth inside your skin which in turn leads to tightening of skin.

When Will I See Results?

Generally, collagen production takes time hence you will achieve visible results in around two to three months after collagen stimulation fully comes into effect. Once the treatment starts taking effect you will attain a toned as

well as lifted appearance.

How Long Does it Last?

The answer to this question depends on a number of things. Normally, the result of this skin tightening procedure lasts for about 2-3 years but there are different factors which will play their role in how well your skin responds to the treatment. Some of the factors will include:

  1. Condition of Skin: Skin condition plays a major role in this treatment and if you have good skin then effects of the procedure will last longer.

  2. Lifestyle: Your lifestyle will be the other factor to look at. In case you have healthy lifestyle wherein you do exercises on regular basis, eat healthier food and stay away from late nights then the effects of the procedure will last longer.

  3. Bad Habits: The last consideration is whether you take excessive alcohol or smoke or not. If you do, then treatment results will not last longer.

What does the treatment feel like?

Most patients express the sensation as heat underneath the skin or brief prickling. Normally, a patient does not require any type of numbing drug or medication, but could well be provided depending upon patient’s pain threshold and will be decided by your medical practitioner.

The Procedure

The procedure consists of sending ultrasound energy deep within the skin. The skin responds to such energy by reconditioning tired skin and stimulates development of new collagen.

It is also a unique procedure where ultrasound imaging is utilized, allowing the practitioner to clearly look at tissue layers being targeted. This ensures that energy gets delivered at the right place to offer maximum benefit.

Most patients require only a single treatment but a person might require additional treatment sessions depending upon his or her skin laxity, collagen build up process and biological response to the treatment as well as the ultrasound energy.

Since aging of skin continues, touch-up treatment in future can help a person keep the skin toned and beat the aging process.

The good thing about Ultherapy is that it bypasses skin’s surface and delivers focused energy deep into dermis layer of your skin. The procedure takes only about an hour to perform with no particular after care requisites. You can go back to performing your normal day to day activities right after the treatment is over.

  • Before the Procedure: There is no specific preparation required before the treatment starts. But for some patients the doctor may prescribe some medication to make them feel relaxed.

  • During the Procedure: The area that is to be treated is at first cleaned properly and then an ultrasound gel will be applied.

After that the hand piece is kept over the treatment area. The hand piece is then gradually moved over the area to deliver ultrasound energy at pre-fixed depths under the skin.

  • After the Procedure: There is no special steps which you need to take after procedure completes and you can start your normal work almost immediately.

You will notice some amount of tightening of skin right after the procedure but more prominent effects will take more time to appear.

Use of Thermal Coagulation Points

During the procedure ultrasound energy goes to SMAS level, this is the same level which is reached in any surgical face lift procedure. In the SMAS level small ultrasound energy deposits form which are known as thermal coagulation points (TCPs).

TCPs cause manifold reactions where it results in immediate tightening as well as triggers a gradual process of collagen production that help in tightening as well as lifting of the dermal as well as SMAS layers.

This in turn provides the patient lifted skin at various treatment areas such as cheek, eye brow, neck and jaw line.

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Ultherapy Side Effects

Side effects are usually very mild ranging from facial blushing to bruising and temporary welting. Some people may also witness mild swelling but all these side effects subside after a few months.

You may also notice that the skin looks irritated right after the procedure buy these problems will generally subside in a couple of days.

Good Candidates for this Treatment

A person having certain amount of skin laxity is considered to be good candidate for this treatment. Initial signs of maturing skin include eyelids with sagging skin or lowered eyebrows. Similarly, loose skin under the chin or neck provides clear signal that such person is a good candidate for Ultherapy.

This treatment is certainly not a substitute for any type of surgical facelift but people do find this treatment to be a better choice in case they are not yet prepared for a surgery, whether due to financial or any other reasons. This procedure is also ideal for people who want to take steps early on before effect of aging start showing up.

Is it a safe procedure?

It is quite safe procedure which uses ultrasound which is already being used in many medical treatments for more than few decades now. However, your doctor will go through some specific concerns you might have during the consultation which might affect your suitability for the treatment procedure.

However, advice of your medical practitioner will be necessary in case you have any open wounds or lesions close to the treatment area, suffering from keloid scarring, have cystic acne, have undergone dermal implants, have any type of implanted electrical devices, undergoing anti-coagulant treatment plan, breast feeding, have metal implants inside the face or pregnant.


Thus to conclude we will say that this is a unique procedure that works from inside out and provides effective results. The skin tightening achieved from this procedure can last for as much as 3 years and then follow up treatments can help you keep looking younger.

It is a USA FDA approved treatment which is non-invasive, non-surgical and an ideal solution for those who are not looking at surgery as an option to lift sagging skin.


If you are looking to undergo this procedure then a consultation is provided in Dublin at Lowell Medical wherein our doctors will closely look at your medical history as well as suggest options to lift as well as tighten skin at various sections of your face, neck, cheek and eye brows using Ultherapy.

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