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Botulinum Toxin is a purified protein which is injected into specific muscles in the face to temporarily relax them, softening facial expressions and helping to reverse the signs of ageing.

The active ingredients in injectables (botulinum toxin type A) has been used cosmetically for more than 10 years and it has also been used to treat certain medical conditions for over 20 years.

Botulinum Toxin treats frown lines, but must be prescribed after consultation with a qualified healthcare professional such as a doctor,or dentist.

Seeing the benefits

Botulinum Toxin normally takes an average of 2 to 3 days to start working, although it may take a little longer for the full effects to be seen. The speed of action will depend on the strength of your facial muscles and your individual response to the injection.

Hopefully you will be pleased with the effects of Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum Toxin can reduce the severity of glabellar lines for up to 4 months.

What about side effects?

Like all medicines, Botulinum Toxin can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. Any reactions are generally minimal, temporary, and typically relate to the injection itself.

There may be slight discomfort as the needle enters the skin. There is also the possibility of bruising or bleeding at injection sites.

Very rarely, Botulinum Toxin may result in muscle weakness away from the site of injection. If you experience any discomfort you should consult your GP.

On the day

Before injecting Botulinum Toxin any make-up will be removed and the skin disinfected. Your practitioner will then study your facial muscles to see how they work, as individuals can differ. The injections should be painless, but a local anesthetic cream can be used prior to treatment.

To treat frown lines, Botulinum Toxin is injected with a fine needle above and in between your eyebrows. The treatment session will last around 15 minutes and you can return to your usual daily activities immediately afterwards.

Your practitioner should tell you more about how to look after your skin following treatment with Botulinum Toxin.

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